Lake Region SWA Public Information

In keeping with the Freedom of Information Act, all Lake Region SWA documents are available to the public. Call the Lake Region at 913-256-9569 or email: Lake Region SWA for more information, or click here for a Request for Information form.

We operate with only a part-time administrator and a limited budget, so there is a small fee for copying pages and for the administrator's time. Please allow three business days for a response to any request for documents. We may waive the fee for documents that can be delivered via email.

Lake Region SWA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation. As such, we are required to file annual tax documents. Those documents are on file each year with the Kansas attorney general's office.

Minutes from Lake Region Solid Waste Management Committee and Lake Region Solid Waste Authority Board become part of the public record and are available upon request after the minutes have been approved by the committee and board.




The Lake Region Solid Waste Managment Plan is the document that guides each of the six member counties with its solid waste issues.

The Plan is only a guide. By state law, it is reviewed annually and filed with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Waste Management. The county commissions in each member county are the final authority in solid waste management decisions.